Hello lovely

My name is Miss K + it's so great to meet you!

     I am so excited to get to learn about you! I also thought I would share a bit about myself so you feel comfortable sharing, too.

     I love art. Photography, paintings, architecture, dancing, singing, and all the other forms of beauty that people create for our world. To me, that's where I see the Creator of our Universe (and she is breathtaking). In art + in people. My dream is to build a community of both, for both. That is what this studio is all about.

     The 2 material possessions I want most in life are a real string of pearls and a bigger library than the one in Beauty + the Beast. But I don't want those books to just stand there alone and unloved! So I dreamed of a way to share books with others, and let my mind go above the clouds to see what all would be possible. And this is where I'm starting to bring all of that to reality.

     If you can't tell, I really love dreaming and envisioning a better world and how to achieve that. And I am so excited to be starting this with all of you!

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