a·da·gio: to play at a slow tempo; to be at ease


"Hello! We are Ben and Jess Howell, the owners and creators of Adagio Candles. We are so excited to be able to provide you with non-toxic, amazing smelling candles with a purpose. After years of personally working with students in the foster care and group home systems in Phoenix, our desire to find new ways to provide resources for these children grew.

This is the purpose behind Adagio Candles; to build a community of people who support local youth through the purchase of quality candles. At Adagio Candles, we individually pour and package each candle just for you and your home. We are honored that you would burn our candles and support the mission."

Ben + Jess just launched Adagio Candles in October 2020, through all the craziness going on they launched a business to help our youth not just get through this time but thrive in all times! They work as Behavioral Health Coaches + are familiar with the struggles that foster kids go through, this is why their heart is in their mission.

When you purchase one of their candles, you're not only supporting a small business with real people, you're supporting the work they do to provide for their community through helping families with holiday meals, paying for a young individual to have a new wardrobe to take on their life with confidence, and for opportunities for them to mentor students.

With 20 scents on their site at any given time, and over 40 scents in total, we can guarantee that you'll find something you love + that will help you to take the time to slow down this crazy life we are all living.