Co-Founder of Singing Rooster

Molly Nicaise is co-founder of Singing Rooster, another nonprofit coffee company that is focused on improving the lives of Haitian coffee farmers. Singing Rooster purchases their green coffee beans at three times the rate that Fairtrade requires, which ensures that each of their farmers can make an equitable wage from selling their coffee. I worked for Molly for over a year as an intern helping with marketing and public relations. This was my first start into the coffee world, and it quickly became a true love of mine. Molly has an immense wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and public relations, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn from her and have her part of this team.

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Co-Founder of Cultivate Coffee

Bethany is the co-founder of Cultivate Coffee, a nonprofit coffee shop in Sunnyslope that is built on creating community and improving the lives of the high school youth in the area. It is a coffee shop that I have fallen in love with since moving to Phoenix, and Bethany has been a great friend and mentor since starting this project. Bethany knows the community, the other small business owners, the youth, their desires and needs. She brings her knowledge as a business owner, but also as a mentor and a member of the community to Miss K Studio.

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Medical Student

Dimitri Henderson is a budding medical professional with a BS in International Rescue and Relief, and he is currently working on a Master’s in health sciences. He has traveled to Panama, Peru, China, Malawi, and Belize to serve on mission trips and experience new cultures. Dimitri is an objective eye and trustworthy friend. With myself being an optimist and not always rational, I trust him to guide me and keep me focused on attainable goals.



Foundress + CEO

I love art. Photography, paintings, architecture, dancing, singing, and all the other forms of beauty that people create for our world. To me, that's where I see God. In art + in people. My dream is to build a community of both, for both. That is what this studio is all about. If you can't tell, I really love dreaming and envisioning a better world and how to achieve that. And I am so excited to be starting this with all of you!