Tell us about your journey as an artist.

     I am fortunate to have parents that understood that I was a creative soul early on! I studied the piano from the age of 5 until I was 18, and also studied ballet at the same time. I also loved to draw and often would do portraits of people I would see in magazines. However, my first creative endeavor that led to some success was writing music. I taught myself to play guitar at the age of 18, and music writing quickly followed. While in college, I joined several rock groups and most notably was the singer, songwriter, and bass player for the band Manda & the Marbles from 1997-2005. 

     In 1999, I lost all hearing in one ear due to a rare viral illness. This was a very scary time, and I struggled with how I could continue music with only one working ear. But it didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams and only made me work harder and appreciate things much more. 


     I continue to be a singer-songwriter and write in various styles from rock, to folk, to electronic dance music. I have a little home studio where I create music and send love out to the world!!  


     More recently, I became interested in visual arts and started painting. The moment my brush hit the canvas, I was in love with the process. I started off doing mostly acrylic paintings and now have started to do watercolor and gouache as well. I am a lover of Nature and  I gather inspiration from all the intricate and delicate plants and mysterious animals and insects that I see there. Nature simply enchants me. Putting these feelings onto canvas with a brush and a variety of vibrant colors allows me to channel the loving and peaceful vibe that is being offered, and I find so much joy in sharing that with the world. 

     I am also a lover of all animals and will often paint them in colors that reflect their unique energy field, soul, and personality.

     Many times when I am painting, I become connected to the very essence of the subject matter and feel a mingling with their spirit. As I paint them, they teach me to look at them more deeply, keenly, and with pure adoration. I allow this feeling to carry my hand and inspire my color choices. 


     I create music and art to spread nothing but positivity and love to the world. I hope that my music uplifts or touches others in a beautiful way, and that the colorful paintings I create bring a rainbow of love and light to others, because love is all there is!  

Where can we contact you + see more of your work?


Etsy: Manda Marble Paints


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Music: @mandamarble

Art: @mandamarble.paints

Facebook: Manda and the Marbles