I am 27 years old and have lived in Arizona for most of my life now. I have always considered myself an artist whether it be making jewelry when I was younger, painting nail designs and even when I became an esthetician. When the lockdown began and I left my career as an esthetician I wanted a hobby to keep me busy and thus started my experimentation with resin. Before I knew it I was already doing my first local event and I just kept improving and changing the style of my products. I am so proud of what I have created and what keeps me going is meeting so many beautiful people and creators. 




Meet Debra Meier! An Australian artist, she derives so much joy from painting + truly hopes a glimpse of that joy can be seen in her paintings. She also hopes that. somehow, it can be transferred to all of you!




Meet Tonia Jenny! Foundress + CEO of Tonia Jenny, Awakening Radiance. She is passionate about encouraging you to remember that YOU have an innate radiance; a light intended to illuminate specific areas of darkness in this world, in ways intended for no one but you. Her mission is to guide creative individuals in refining their unique messages of inspiration + offerings, while determining the best means for them to share it. 



Meet Anna Filova! A Slovak artist living in Brno, Czech Republic. Before she started painting at the end of 2018, she didn't believe she could paint. She knew how to draw and even drew some portraits from time to time…. But she couldn’t even imagine what a great passion painting would become in her life, once she start! After starting with fluid acrylics this art passion has opened her eyes and since then she is creating every free moment she has discovering herself along the way.




Meet Amanda Bucha, aka Manda Marble! A musician, painter, singer, songwriter, + dancer. There isn't many forms of art that Manda hasn't / can't do! She started Manda and the Marbles in 1997, a kick-ass rock band where she was the singer, songwriter, and bass player through 2005! She uses her love + passion for music + art to spread positivity + love all around the world.




Meet Micha Mayotte! Foundress + CEO of CreatiProcess with a passion for helping moms reclaim joy + reconnect to their creativity, without needing to take tons of time away from their families. "So many creativity classes cater directly to kids, + the moms get left out. But we need a creative outlet, too, + sometimes sharing your kid's coloring book just doesn't cut it. That's where CreativProcess comes in."




Meet Nicolette Thuy Hoang! "I am 13, and I’m Asian-American (Vietnamese). Since I was a baby, I’ve had a lot of health issues, whether it’s my severe asthma or being a preemie. I’m a pretty introverted person, so I stay inside a lot. Like, A LOT. I use that time to do the things I love, like draw (of course), read, write, play the violin and piano, and sleep (I like to sleep almost as much as I like to draw hehe). When I actually go outside and get fresh air, I like to play soccer, ski, go on runs, go to the beach, and hang out with my family. I really like traveling with my family, seeing new things, and eating new food. At the end of the day, I’m still a teenager, who really, really likes to draw and do anything creative."




Meet Dom Lewis! Full-blooded Native American, Dom uses his imagination + artistic talent to create a path through some very difficult times in his life. He uses art as his therapy to keep pressing forward, + enjoys using his imagination to create new things.




Meet Keelia Trively! Foundress of Perspectives + Miss K Studio, Keelia is a writer and photographer who's passionate about capturing + sharing the stories of people around us. Her heart is found in seeing, capturing, + sharing the life + story of people that we otherwise would just pass by. She believes that every story is beautiful, + every story deserves to be heard.

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Meet Lydie Massou! A French artist whose works have been featured in both solo and group exhibitions nationally. Her abstract compositions translate her travels, and the characters she meets, 'evoking fragility, grace, and beauty'. Massou's maritime scenes give a voice for her desire to escape. She paints according to her various oil themes and occasionally uses acrylics in abstract collages.



  NELSON lll

Meet Thomas B Nelson III! Founder + CEO of The Fat Photo Guy. Thomas, aka The Fat Photo Guy (or Tom Petty, to some), is originally a child of the "Old Line State". To this day, the Maryland-born photographer has not met a state line he would not cross. Having spent 11 years in Connecticut growing as an artist, + traveling up + down the East Coast, the stout shutterbug currently calls Arizona home. Although it has taken getting used to, Thomas has found the sometimes sweltering desert to be the net necessary step on his journey of being a creative force worth remembering.