cul·ti·vate: to foster the growth of


We’ve always had a passion for community and coffee… and when you think about that, it just makes sense. People often gather over coffee.

We want both to be good. Really good. Through our parent organization, Crowd to Community, we’ve been serving the vulnerable in our city for years. Coffee has fueled that work in many ways, and now it is fueling it to an even greater degree.

Crowd to Community, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to transform crowds of individuals occupying the same space into a community united with a common mission. It is also our parent organization. Crowd to Community works to give these individuals hope, job opportunities, leadership, and life skills. Under this organization are many business extensions that employ displaced people struggling in these areas, giving them a place in their community to thrive.

Cultivate Coffee has worked hard to build up a viable coffee business to employ homeless and refugee youth and young adults aging out of the foster care system. They are welcomed into community, given paid work opportunities, and trained in transferable job skills that can reach outside the coffee business.

Our roastery and coffee shop in Sunnyslope, Phoenix is not only a vehicle for employment, but a space for cultivating community. We love having our space filled with people from the neighborhood, people on the go, and like-minded folks.


How can you help us in our mission to Cultivate coffee, culture, community, and provide more opportunities for vulnerable youth in our area? Glad you asked! Order some of our craft coffee today or come into our shop to enjoy a drink with a friend! And if you are so inclined, you can also donate to the work we are doing. Every penny goes back into cultivating the potential of the youth we work with.