Tell us about your journey as an artist.

     My name is Dom Lewis, I'm full-blooded Native American, (Navajo, Laguna,& Hopi) I never really had a solid home... I actually hopped around a lot growing up, however, I stayed within the limits of Flagstaff and the Navajo Reservation. Until I moved to Bullhead City, Here I had some of the best times of my younger life... Unfortunately, it didn't work out for long, so I ended up back in the Rez shortly, until then landing here In the Valley. I certainly did not expect to find what I have here, and I've grown and watched myself change so much in what feels like such a short time. I'm truly blessed, and more than I honestly realized.

     My first experiences with art go back as far as k-1st grade if my memory is correct. Even so, I didn't take art as seriously until 7th grade when I was introduced to graffiti/tagging on paper by a friend, then later moved to walls. In addition, I used graffiti as an outlet to blind myself from problems at home in real life... I used to daydream all the time, visioning myself painting everywhere, I filled my mind with such a strong imagination to push out everything I didn't want to think about, and it worked for the most part... On the other hand, Graffiti opened many doors for me to explore new concepts of art, From sketching to coloring, from painting to sculpting, to now tattooing... I've always used art as an outlet, or a therapy of some type... It helps me honestly and keeps my imagination rolling.

Where can we contact you + see more of your work?