Tell us about your journey as an artist.

     "I started taking photos when I got my first camera at 16 years old. I'm not sure what made me want to start doing photography, but I just did. I wanted to do landscape shots to capture the beauty of our world. But I soon realized that portraits are what pay, so I started doing family and senior sessions. I really enjoyed them!

      As time went by, I kept my photography more as a hobby while I focused on school and work. But after I moved to Phoenix, I was contacted by RAW, an Arts organization focused on showcasing artists around the world, and was asked to showcase in one of their shows. After that, I did a few more galleries and it has been so much fun showing more of my photos! I still love taking portrait shots and telling stories through my photography, and I hope to continue doing that."

What is Perspectives?

     "Perspectives is the photography brand I created to help build my artistic portfolio. (To be open, it also helped me feel a bit more professional.) I use it to showcase my photography + writing, as well as the events + galleries I'm part of.

      I named it Perspectives because I wanted to encompass a broader range of what I do and what I want to showcase: landscapes, portraits, stories, nature. Different perspectives on our world. And I believe they are all beautiful + deserving to be heard + seen."

What work do you offer?

     "Portraits, family sessions, graduations, friends, and more! I'm also working towards a project of documenting those experiencing homelessness in Phoenix. I've had the pleasure of working with a few local businesses here in Phoenix to create marketing strategies as well as capture videos + photos for them. It has been such a blast getting to showcase these small businesses doing some amazing work!"

Where can we contact you + see more of your work?