Our Goals for 2021!

Let's take a look back at what 2020 held for us:

  • Launched this boutique on May 1st!

  • Published our site just one month later on June 1st!

  • Created + sold our Holiday Baskets! (which we have some fun things planned for those still, so keep an eye out)

  • Hosted our FIRST EVENT!

  • For our business-focused fans, we made a profit within the first 6 months! (which means YOU made it possible for me to follow my heart while still paying my bills, lol)\


Our Thoughts

We can all agree that 2020 has been crazy. You might even be sick of hearing that phrase. Whether you had a wonderful year, a terrible year, or just a middle-of-the-road year, you showed up + supported small businesses in ways that have never been seen. As a small business owner, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This year was full of uncertainties, both professionally + personally. I'm sure you can say the same. But we made it to the end of another year. If you're reading this, I want you to know that I am applauding you. I see you. I celebrate you. I am proud of you.

Personally, I want to touch on celebrations. I was able to accomplish a lot this year, achieving a few dreams I've had since I was a little girl. And I have been so anxious about celebrating. I felt so much guilt, because I know this year has been a tough year. For some, it's been the toughest year they have ever experienced. I can't celebrate knowing that, can I? I spent time this year clearing out my Instagram and finding artists and creatives that inspire me. One of them posted a video about celebrating all their wins, and allowing ourselves to celebrate our wins. This hit me hard, and I wasn't sure how to sit with it. So I messaged this artist + told her what was weighing me. This is my favorite part of her response, it's what allowed me to take a breath and celebrate in that moment:

"You are miraculous. And I hold space for all that you've done this year, it is so exciting." ~ Amie McNee

Goals for 2021!

  • Getting a retail location for the boutique (so you can come in + actually shop amazing small business products)

  • Host monthly galleries + events

  • Be part of different art festivals around Arizona (following whatever guidelines are put out next)

  • Increase the number of artists + businesses we have on our site

  • Give YOU access to high-quality products with high-quality purposes

  • Be a full-time business owner + artist by Dec 2021

What are YOUR goals for 2021? Personal? Professional? What do you want to see from us?

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