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Recently, I've begun a new challenge to help kick my butt into gear with this business. I did a webinar covering Mindfulness in Business with Simple Sprout Studio and was blown away by what I learned, I knew I needed to learn more from this incredible mom and businesswoman. Day 1 was all about sharing my story, which you can read in the previous blog post here. This exercise was a beautiful writing challenge to personally look into my life, evaluate what I've been doing, why I have or have not been doing certain things, and who I want to live my life for. I truly believe in the power of #selfevaluation. I saw that I've been taking on a number of outside tasks and jobs that made me look good from other peoples' perspectives, but in reality, they were simple tasks and jobs that kept me too busy to focus on what I actually wanted to do: THIS. With a growing family, that I honestly never expected to be gifted with, I am doing this for them. And for myself. Currently, I am learning and rewiring my brain to understand that that is NOT selfish.

Day 2 is all about finding your IKIGAI. This concept is brand new to me, and Nicki Ong goes into great detail for this challenge explaining what this is and how we find it. This is how she explains it:

"Ikigai is a Japanese concept of finding your reason for being. (Sounds like just what we need, right?) It's the culmination of what you're good at, what you love, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for...all rolled up into a beautiful, purpose-filled package of Ikigai. The premise of Ikigai isn't one-dimensional. It's not all about making money; nor is it all about volunteering your time for a good cause (for free). It's about discovering that which fuels your soul that makes you money because people need it and you're really damn good at it."

For the visual learners, here is what it looks like:

Sitting down and going through each section helped to continue deepening the #selfevaluation I started on Day 1. I was able to visually see where my passions, my mission, my vocation, and my profession can intersect and interact. All to create this business. These connections between artists and art lovers.

Have you ever wondered what your passion and mission are in this life? What your IKIGAI is? I strongly recommend this exercise, and if you're wanting the full Mompreneur challenge, or any of her other incredible freebies + resources, click here.

With love,

Miss K

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