My Home

My 2nd realization of home.

This is a pretty personal blog post, and it might get a bit sappy. But it's super short. I just needed to get these words out of my head and heart, into your hands.

For all the faults in my childhood, we did always have a family calendar and a fridge covered in our art and report cards. Little trinkets of home and family around the television, on the shelves, on the floor, in the closets. I didn't realize how much I liked all those things, and how much I have been missing them. Until I got my own family.

Before them, there was no family calendar on the wall. No art on the refrigerator. No crumbs on the floor. No kids' medicine in the fruit basket. No bubbles on the bookcase. No toys anywhere. No coloring corner stacked hip-high. No chalk on the sidewalk leading to the door. No new bedsheets. No one to share my books with. But now I get to come home to ALL of that, and so much more.

This was never part of my plan. And I could not be more content or feel more loved than I do with this family, this gift.

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