Tell us about your journey as an artist.

     Thomas, better known as The Fat Photo Guy (or to some Thom Petty), is originally a child of the "Old Line State". To this day the Maryland-born photographer has not met a state line he would not cross.  Having spent eleven years in Connecticut growing as an artist and traveling up and down the East Coast, the stout shutterbug currently calls Arizona home. Although it has taken getting used to, Thomas has found, the sometimes sweltering desert to be the next necessary step on his journey to being a creative force worth remembering. To get a clear picture of The Fat Photo Guy one must adjust the focus to who he is as a man to understand who he is as a visual artist.

     Thomas has lived behind the lens for ten years, with countless shoots and visual projects to his credit. Starting in the urban element of photography in New Haven, CT, Nelson has partnered with Hip-Hop Artists such as Haze Da Punter (New Haven, CT) and Blood Sweat & Tearz Music Family (San Diego, CA) as well as clothing brands such as X Haven Native (West Haven, CT) and Cool Nerd Garment Co. (Philadelphia, PA). He has worked alongside and under the tutelage of other great photographers such as Derrick Dean (Philadelphia, PA) and Ocean Allen (Phoenix, AZ) and proudly holds a title as a Founding Member of The Collective NHV, a visual arts firm he co-created with photographers Kasaad Bullock, Stephen Jackson and Hassaan Malik in 2015. In his time as a shooter, he's come to be well received in various creative circles, which for Thomas has become a major factor in his work. The love and respect of those he loves and respects holds more value than anything else in his craft.   

     The principles of right and wrong sit at the core of who The Fat Photo Guy is. His goal always being to highlight and glorify the "true inner you". That part of you that the world may not see in a passing moment. To allow you to express your true desires and boundless imagination through his art. Thomas walks the fine line between humility and visionary, aspiring to elevate those around him, something like the “ DJ Khaled” of the photo world. He sees past what most may see as imperfections. To him, those traits can be what makes one perfect. That balance is what he utilizes to build as not only a photog but also as a man and a father.

     The two most important things in Thomas' life are his daughter and his legacy. He continually strives to be the best father, son, human being, artist, and friend he can be. In the words of Thomas Bernard Nelson III, "When I'm gone I will have been my father's son, my daughter's father, and The Fat Photo Guy."

Where can we contact you + see more of your work?